P’tit Cochon Santé

The mission of the restaurant ”Au P’tit Cochon Santé” is to offer to it’s clients an experience of flavours bringing pleasure, discovery and healthy cuisine.



Our chef, Stéphane Richert, great explorator, is inspired by international flavors and create meals that defines the word innovation.

Originally from France, he brings a touch of new ideas and fresh concepts with his techniques and great experience. He brings a sunny and positive energy in the kitchen. This cooking wonder possesses a real passion for food and he is what makes this restaurant a ”must” in Rosemère city.

The instinctive and original concept, healthy cuisine, offers you a variety of updated meals inspired by mediterannean cuisine. We push the healthy concept to it’s boundaries including the cooking, preparation and conservation of food for ultimate taste and freshness. The restaurant is in constant evolution and research to find new products in order to offer different menus that matches the actual season.


Local businesses are our allies and help us with their great products :

– This year, our chorizo is produced by the craft delicatessen « les 3 petits cochons verts » located in Terrebonne, who only uses pork issued from sustainable agriculture. (http://3petitscochonsverts.com)

Without forgetting all the products that makes all the difference since our opening.They allow us to stay on the ”leading-edge” in the breakfast restaurants industry :

– Our fresh bread is not baked by us but prepared by a renowned business called « Première Moisson », that was and still is a leader in the bakery business using
no chemical inputs and that only uses Quebec produced wheat flour (http://www.premieremoisson.com)

– The cooked pancetta, made of lean bacon, salted and dried, contains less sodium and fat that traditional bacon.

– The white cheese, made of drained fresh-mass, is a good source of proteins with only 0.1 % of fat. Made from cow milk, it is very easy to digest.

– The Budwig cream, a mix of fruits, crushed cereals and dairy products, is recommended for breakfast for it’s role in cancer prevention. It only contains raw, natural and bio foods.

– We use a wide variety of fresh fruits for all of our preparation and we buy locally whenever we can : from Québec strawberries to St-Joseph-du-lac apples…

– Our bio fair trade coffee is roasted by a local business called Café Union. This business provides us with a mix of it’s best coffee beans and assure
us an exclusivity on the recipe. We take to heart the fair trade market because it ensures an appropriate wage to the labour everywhere in the world and a bio agriculture in order to extract an entirely natural bean.(http://www.cafe-union.com)

Come and spend a great time in our restaurant to discover our passion of healthy, but nevertheless gourmet cuisine, as well as our updated and balanced culinary innovations that makes our reputation. We invite you to come and discover the friendly and welcome ambiance creaetd by our staff who are ready to serve you.



We look forward of having you in our restaurant shortly!